New Shorter Hue Play Strips for Monitors Revealed

Philips Hue introduced their Hue Play Gradient Light strip just over a year ago, which works with their Hue Sync box to sync the (multiple) colours from your lights with what’s on your TV screen. The only issue – apart from the initial large cost – was that these strips were designed for large TVs. However, it now seems Hue has taken into account gamers too, with a couple of new strips that are specifically sized for computer monitors.

The new Hue Play Gradient PC Lightstrips are designed for monitors sized at  24~27″ or 32~34″. The other major difference from the TV-Centric strips is that these can work without the Hue Sync box, instead, making use of previously available syncing software. You will, however, still need a Hue bridge.

Currently, both strips are listed on priced at £129.99 for the 24~27″ strip, and £149.99 for the 32~34″ strip, although they’re actually showing as ‘temporarily out of stock’ at the time of writing. There’s also a bundle offered, that throws in a Hue Bridge along with the larger strip for £189.99.

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