Robin Telecom Announce Updated ProLine Video Doorbell

Netherlands-based Robin Telecom today announced an update to their Robin ProLine video Doorbell that upgrades many features of the original. If you’ve followed HomeKit News for a while, you may well recall Robin being the first company to actually release a HomeKit compatible video doorbell back in 2019. Whilst that was a claim to fame at the time, the specs would be considered subpar by today’s standards, with 720p resolution. However, the update offers 1080p, along with continued compatibility with HomeKit Secure Video, which was added to their other products in January 2020.

What makes the Robin still stand out from other video doorbells is that it can be hardwired, allowing you to connect it directly to your network without worrying whether the WiFi signal will be strong enough to reach your router. The new model also boasts three simultaneous full HD streams, something no other video doorbell is capable of, according to Robin.

Alongside the improved video resolution (and not before time…), the new model features ambient lighting that allows the panel to be seen in the dark. The nameplate, which is custom etched for the customer by Robin (at an additional cost), is also backlit. Along with the video camera, and backlight, is a large speaker that aims to make your voice much clearer to any potential visitors.

To cap things off, the new doorbell will be available in any combination of four different finishes – Arctic Silver, Space Grey, Sunset Gold, and Midnight Black. The Robin ProLine HD is available for preorder although at just under €1500, this is not going to be for your average budget.

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