Matter-Enabled, Stair Climbing Robovac Launches on Kickstarter

In what would seem to be a world first, a company called Migo Robotics is launching a Kickstarter campaign for their new robot vacuum that they state will not only be Matter compatible, but will also be able to do what pretty much all other robovacs are incapable of – to climb your stairs!

The Ascender is a first in terms of robot vacuum and mop cleaners, boasting the ability to ascend stairs while ensuring a thorough cleaning of your entire home. The mechanical engineering that allows this, along with built-in AI algorithms, large battery capacity, and a fully enclosed all-in-one docking station set it apart in the many of todays contemporary products.

This fascinating Smart Home product has been engineered to effectively navigate stairs of various heights (up to 8.7 inches/22 cm). It achieves this by employing a range of stair-climbing functionalities, including turning, rotating, pivoting, and more, to manoeuvre across different types of stairs. It can handle diverse step heights, obstacles, and surfaces, ensuring comprehensive cleaning without requiring manual intervention.

It boasts a suction power of 9700 Pa, which should effectively remove dirt, debris, and pet hair from both carpets and hard floors. With high-performance brushes and an advanced filtration system, the company claim their robot vacuum ensures a deep and thorough cleaning, leaving floors clean and allergen-free.

When it comes to the smart integration, Migo state that it will be compatible with Amazon Alexa, and Google Home, as well as Matter (utilising Matter 1.2) to integrate it into Apple Home as well, although the two things to note are that so far, we’ve still not seen any movement for robovacs when it comes to Matter and Apple Home, and as this is a Kickstarter, there’s a chance that this could change, so it’s a good idea to be cautious of future promises.

The Ascender comes equipped with an HD camera, high-precision LiDAR, and 6 Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors, which is said to vastly increase navigation accuracy. Furthermore, its advanced AI algorithms integrate with a potent 5 TFLOPS AI computing engine, enhancing its intelligence.

Some key points:

  • Cleans up to 5380 sq. ft. (500㎡) on a single charge
  • AI Obstacle Avoidance for 100+ Objects
  • Zero Gap, Seamless Edge Cleaning
  • 17N Mopping Pressure
  • Ultra-Narrow Passable Distance
  • Low Noise Operation*
  • Self Emptying and Refilling
  • Self Washing and Drying

*Featuring a quieter dust-emptying volume with a noise reduction of 10 dB.

You can check out the company’s Kickstarter page yourself to see if it piques your interest – especially if you have stairs!

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5 thoughts on “Matter-Enabled, Stair Climbing Robovac Launches on Kickstarter

  • The CG looks cool, but the vacuum has so many moving parts that would be very hard to make it robust and lasting. And, with a $3,000 price tag, it would be cheaper to buy two or three simpler vacuums, one for each floor.

    • I agree it’s overpriced, even if they can somehow justify the price tag. Good to see someone innovate though.

  • Hi! Very interesting. This technology could soon be used for carrying heavy grocery bags and other things up and down stairs. Just make it stronger , stick a cart on top and make sure it stays level as it walks!

  • Dear What is the Cost and did you have delivery to Oman

    • We don’t sell products, you would have to contact the manufacturer directly.

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