LiFX to Launch Budget Friendly White Bulb

LiFX will launch sales of its new low-cost white smart light, the LIFX White, at Amazon and Best Buy in the United States on Monday. The LiFX White is a new low-cost product and forms a significant strategic component of the Company’s “Big Eight Goals” for 2020. LIFX White is launching exclusively as a stand-alone light with retail partner Amazon and, while it is launching exclusively in a two-pack configuration with retail partner Best Buy. The retail price for the US, according to the LiFX website is US$9.99.

The launch of this new product reinforces the Company’s relationship with these large retailers which sought a smart light product that could be sold in large scale quantities but that was priced for affordability and whole-home deployments.

The LiFX White is fixed at warm white (2700K), and as it uses WiFi, there’s no requirement for a hub. It uses 8 watts at full brightness and has a full voltage range 0f 100-240v at 50/60Hz. It works, of course, with HomeKit, as well as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, SmartThings and even Cortana (why??). As the bulb is a budget product, you only get 650lm.

The odd thing about this ‘new’ product, however, is that the specs line up with a product they already sell at double the price, namely the LiFX Mini White. Aside from the 10mm difference in height, all other specs are pretty much the same, although the original LiFX Mini did come with 800lm, which has since been reduced to 650lm. You can read our review of the LiFX Mini White below;

LIFX Mini White Bulb (review)

The more attentive amongst you may also notice the new style packaging, which seems to take many of its design cues from the company’s latest version of their app, hailed by many as one of the best smart lighting apps available.

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