Mysa to Launch Smart Thermostat for Air Conditioners

Canada-based heating experts Mysa are planning the release of their first thermostat for Air Conditioners. This includes window-based units, portable ACs, and ductless mini-split AC units, as long as they use a remote control with a display, as is the case with other similarly functioning products on the market. This should be the first HomeKit compatible Smart AC controller available in the US, with Tado seemingly focussing mainly on the UK and EU.

Mysa has also ensured that for customers that also use their baseboard or in-floor heating thermostats, this new product will work in tandem with them, ensuring the most efficient use of both your energy and thereby reducing costs. However, the synergy doesn’t stop there, as the company have also gone on to carry on the design aesthetic from their other product line. So, just like the aforementioned thermostats, the newest Mysa product fits right in, with a white glass front, that hides its LED display until necessary.

The new AC Controller will, just like its siblings, also be able to measure the relative temperature and humidity in the room, enabling the user to create automations based on these readings, and from there, control your AC.

Of course, the new product is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, but also Samsung SmartThings, and IFTTT. Even though HomeKit is great for automations, you can get even greater control and integration, as well as energy usage statistics via the company’s own Mysa app, which, if you’re keen to both save money and the planet, is a good thing to have to hand.

Like the Tado, the new Mysa AC controller can be wall-mounted, using a micro-USB to USB cable for power. For those that prefer not to see a cable trailing down the side of their wall, however, Mysa has made it so that their device can also be set upright on a table, sideboard, kitchen counter, or any other flat surface that’s available. It also uses 2.4GHz wifi for connectivity.

There’s currently no word on a full release date or pricing, however, the company are actively looking for beta testers, to ensure that the product is 100% functional when it comes to market, so if you’re interested in being a tester, you can head over to the company’s website and sign up.

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