Wemo Adds New Smart Outdoor Plug to Lineup

Wemo, the smart home division of computer accessory maker Belkin, today revealed their latest HomeKit enabled device, the Wemo WiFi Smart Outdoor Plug (model WSP090). The new outdoor plug is actually a dual outlet, much like all the other versions of this product tend to be from other vendors like iDevices and Meross, with the latter having just released an updated HomeKit model for the U.S.


The dual outlet is ready for outdoor use, comes with an IP44 waterproof rating, using 2.4GHz WiFi for connectivity, and is suitable for North America (as well as Taiwan, Japan etc.) using 120V/15A/60Hz. It weighs in at just over half a pound (0.25kg), but it also has a holder to affix the device permanently to a wall, should you want to keep it in one place. The plug, not including the cable, is 3.63 x 1.67 x 3.7in /92 x 42 x 94mm (w/d/h). Currently, there’s no info on the length of the cable, but as you can see from the image above, it’s relatively short, as seems to be standard for these outdoor devices. Bafflingly, when it comes to smart control, despite there being two outlets, they’re seen as one outlet for automation, which is also a thing with the iDevices version. The Meross option exposes both outlets individually, so if this is important to you, then the Wemo might not be what you’re looking for.

The company have it listed on their site as shipping in late October, so actaully quite soon, with the list price on both their own site and as US$39.99. In addition to Apple HomeKit compatibility, it will also work with Amazon Alexa, and Hey Google (the new branding for Google Assistant).

Whilst Wemo has been relatively quiet after CES 2020 (much like many other companies), it’s interesting to see them get back into smart devices, and although this isn’t exactly a revolutionary product, there still are few choices for this particular type of product.

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2 thoughts on “Wemo Adds New Smart Outdoor Plug to Lineup

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  • Belkin Wemo in the UK used to be at a similar level to the range offered in the US. However sadly this is no longer the case.

    Q. How many Wemo products in the UK support HomeKit?
    A. Zero.

    Q. How many Wemo products are still available in the UK?
    A. Just two, a smart plug with no energy monitoring, and a smart plug with energy monitoring. Both are several years old and have not been updated e.g. to add HomeKit support. All other former Wemo products have been discontinued in the UK.

    Clearly Wemo should be avoided like the plague. I strongly advise people to look at Meross, WiFiPlugUK, Philips Hue or Eve Home.

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