Wemo Quietly Unveil New EU Smart Plug

Whilst many Wemo products are designed for US consumers, the company (a subsidiary of Belkin) have released a new smart plug for European customers, having quietly surfaced via Apple’s online store in Sweden (and we assume Apple’s other EU stores).

Looking quite similar to Aqara’s EU smart plug, with a rounded body, and unadorned white plastic, the difference here is that this is a standard WiFi smart plug (not Zigbee like the Aqara plug), although it’s not compatible with Amazon or Google, only HomeKit. It’s listed as the Wemo Mini Smart Plug, but in effect it’s no smaller or larger than many other plugs of its type, coming in at 5.3 x 5.5 x 3.8cm (H, L, W) and weighing 53g.

The smart plug market, while not massively crowded when it comes to smart plugs, will still provide a bit of competition to the Wemo, from the likes of Satechi, Mijia, Meross, and the aforementioned Aqara, although surprisingly, the Wemo mini is quite reasonably priced, at only 269.00KR (roughly €26-27).

You can purchase the new Wemo Mini Smart Plug (EU version) via Apple Sweden.

Thanks to Mariusz Szwed for the find.


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