HomeKit Integration Added to Sensibo Air Smart AC Controller

Sensibo, the maker of smart AC controllers, has updated their Sensibo Air for HomeKit compatibility. This came as a surprise to some, as their other similar product – Sensibo Sky – has been around for a while, with HomeKit integration hinted at, but never arriving. The new Sensibo Air could be a portent for future products to get HomeKit integration, however, which could include the company’s own air purifier, the Sensibo Pure.

Priced at US$139, it’s certainly not the cheapest option, with already HomeKit compatible products from Tado (Smart AC Control V3+) and Aqara (P3 AC companion) being lower in price, although the latter of these is only suitable for Chinese 16A sockets, without some form of an adaptor. GE also make a series of window ACs that are already HomeKit compatible.

The Sensibo is designed to work with Split ACs or heat pumps, as well as Mobile AC units, Window ACs, and even ceiling ACs. All of these need to come with a remote in order for the Sensibo to control your AC. Generally, these types of ‘learning’ AC controllers require that the original remote to have some form of display, as well as the option to control different AC modes.

You can find more information about Sensibo Air and other products on the company’s website –

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