Meross Prepare Release of HomeKit Enabled Valve Thermostat

As first reported by our friends over at, Meross have released their latest HomeKit enabled product, the Smart Radiator Thermostat, a smart valve that replaces the valve on a standard radiator, thereby giving you smart control over your heating on a room by room basis.

However, it should be noted that in order for the smart valve to be exposed to HomeKit, it does require a special hub, that is thankfully provided as part of the pack, which simply plugs into an outlet, featuring a simple power button. The hub itself allows for up to 16 devices to connect to it, so if you wanted a smart valve in each room, then only one hub is needed (assuming you have less than 16 rooms/radiators…).

Whilst not all radiators are the same in terms of the valve fitting, the Meross provides a selection of adaptors to ensure it will fit pretty much any standard radiator. What’s also quite nice with the valve is that while you can automate and schedule these to turn on or off, at set temperatures, or even control them on the fly with Siri, they come with a handy display on the edge, which displays not only the set temperature, but the mode, whether there’s a timer, and the Wifi connection status, as well as manual control of course.

Currently only available on at the time of writing, the new product is selling for €79,99, but with a 20% discount coupon. Hopefully, the summer won’t require this device until much later in the year, but you never know when those Siberian winds will hit…

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