Wozart Release First Smart Plug for Indian Market

Hyderabad-based smart home company Wozart, whom we featured recently with the introduction of their forthcoming occupancy sensor, has introduced a new smart plug to the Indian market. Whilst news of a smart plug isn’t exactly news these days, in the case of the Wozart (from what we can gather) are the first company to introduce a HomeKit compatible smart plug suitable for both Indian and Nepalese homes.

In India and Nepal, houses usually use a Type C or Type D plug, a 2 or 3-pin plug with rounded pins, respectively, along with a Type M plug or socket for devices that consume higher amounts of electricity, like boilers, radiators, ACs etc. The new smart plug can accommodate all three types with its unique adaptive socket design, along with its ability to cope with 15/16A devices, making it a useful smart home addition regardless of the device plugged into it.

Like all Wozart products, the new smart plug is compatible with HomeKit, in addition to Amazon Alexa, and Google Home, and uses 2.4GHz WiFi for connectivity. The smart plug is available now on the company’s website for the discounted price of INR2499 (regular price INR2999).

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