Lidl Release HomeKit Compatible Zigbee Hub

Almost a year ago, we reported on developments within Lidl’s own smart home app (Lidl Home), that requested access to users’ Home Data, which is something you only see if an app is either HomeKit compatible, or uses devices that work with HomeKit. Fast forward to 2022, and the company has now released an updated Zigbee powered hub using the same Silvercrest branding that now works with HomeKit, alongside their previous hub, which only works with Google and their own ecosystem, with no mention of Amazon Alexa for either hub.

The new hub is a lot less conspicuous than the previous model but still uses an ethernet port for connecting to your home network, with a micro USB port for powering the device, measuring 89 x 89 x 23mm / 3.5 x 3.5 0.91 inches (WDH) with a weight of just 76g / 2.68oz.

The range of products covers some of the basics, like smart plugs, motion sensors and lights, and although there are other Zigbee products on the website, it’s not entirely clear which products are exposed to HomeKit through the hub.

This includes things like a contact sensor, power strip and a wireless button marketed as a doorbell, although it doesn’t appear to actually trigger any kind of sound within the hub, instead merely sending you a notification via the Lidl app (and via the Home app, assuming it’s exposed to HomeKit).

One product that uses Zigbee is the company’s own pendant lamp, available in black or white. Given that the other Zigbee lamps of this type are from Hue, and therefore quite expensive, this particular product – priced at a mere €59,99 – could be a good enough reason to buy the hub alone (once again, assuming these are exposed to HomeKit to begin with).

You can check out the new hub on Lidl’s German website, although you may also find it on their other regional sites.

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