Loxone Adds Official HomeKit Support

Austrian smart home solutions company Loxone have added official HomeKit support to their system, which now gives users of their services and devices access to HomeKit, the Home app, and everything else that comes with it. You may be forgiven if you’ve not heard of the company or their smart home solution, but like KNX, Loxone seems to be a popular choice with homeowners who opt for a standalone solution that includes everything from lighting, audio and window coverings, to alarm systems and more.

Whilst it’s great to see more options for HomeKit users, Loxone products, as you might expect, are on the expensive side; for example, their base 5m light strip for indoor use only, is priced at €90+VAT, going up €136+VAT for an IP68 rated strip. The company’s LED pendulum Slip Tree light is an eyewatering €266+VAT. Of course, you get what you pay for, and there’s little doubt these are well-made products.

Still, the range of products on offer is quite all-encompassing, albeit only for European homes, with a large variety of light switches, some of which also include NFC functionality and even keypads, flush, ceiling-embedded presence sensors, including outdoor models, ultrasonic sensors, and even water pressure sensors. In fact, some of their products serve multiple purposes, like their LED Ceiling light, which contains integrated motion and light sensors.

Some Loxone compatible devices aren’t going to show up in HomeKit however, like intercom doorbells, smoke sensors, or gate controls, although some of these will almost certainly get certified eventually, with the smoke sensors for example.

You can check out more of the company’s products and Loxone system via their website.

Thanks to Stian for the tip off.

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