Smartmi Air Purifier 2 and P1 Discounts on

Smartmi is offering special discounts on their two HomeKit compatible air purifiers today, until August 8th, with 20% OFF the highly popular Smartmi P1 (silver model only), bringing the price of the P1 down from US$179.99 to just US$143.99 (a saving of US$36), and 15% OFF their most recent offering, the Smartmi Air Purifier 2, which brings the price down US$259.99 to $220.99 (a saving of US$39).

If you’re wondering what the difference is between the two, basically the…

  • Smartmi P1 is optimally designed for small to medium-sized rooms, comes with a built-in PM2.5/PM10 sensor, and offers a choice of two types of filters – one aimed more at pollen, and another more designed for smoke and odours.
  • Smartmi Air Purifier 2 is designed for larger rooms, and in addition to offering the same basic features as the Smartmi P1, also has a TVOC sensor, and a built-in UV light designed specifically to tackle viruses and bacteria.

Both purifiers work with HomeKit, although they’ll also work with Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, as well as the company’s own Smartmi Link app, and use 2.4GHz WiFi as standard.

You can check out our written reviews for the Smartmi P1 and Smartmi Air Purifer 2, and videos for both of these products below;

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