Lutron Release Newly Designed Rocker and Dimmer Switches

Whilst Lutron is somewhat of a standard bearer in terms of reliability, the aesthetics of them is something that divides some, with overly complicated grouped buttons – at least in the case of their dimmer switches. Now, the Pennsylvania-based company have introduced a pair of switch that pretty much simplifies the look, whilst retaining everything else Lutron users have come to expect.

both switches still use the company’s proprietary wireless system (based on RF433MHz?) Clear Connect, so you’ll need the Lutron hub in order for these to function for smart home purposes, and as always, these are compatible with Apple HomeKit, amongst others.

Both switches are available in six different finishes – White, Light Almond, Ivory, Grey, Brown, and Black.

The new Diva Dimmer is also a standard rocker switch that allows the dimming functionality via a slider control to the side of the main switch. The Diva dimmer doesn’t require a neutral wire, which puts it on par with the recently released Wemo Dimmer switch that uses Thread. a ‘No-Neutral’ option is something the company has long offered as an option for most of its product line. However, the Claro does require a neutral. Both switches can also be used in three-way situations – even setups that have a traditional non-smart switch.

Most Lutron products are available on

You can check out Shane Whatley’s video covering the Diva Dimmer switch;

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4 thoughts on “Lutron Release Newly Designed Rocker and Dimmer Switches

  • I wish they had these 2 years ago when I did my house

  • Bah humbug!

    Lutron still think the world is flat and if you leave the USA you will fall off the edge of (their) world.

    Translation – they stubbornly refuse to release a version of Lutron Caseta for the UK/EU despite plenty of requests.

    • I agree. That said, even though Taiwan use the same US size/shape switches and sockets as the US, I’m quite happy with my Aqara switches, of which there are UK/EU versions.

      • Hi Editor.

        The really annoying thing is that whilst Lutron Caseta is 110v only Lutron do make their Homeworks QS and RadioRA ranges for the UK/EU with 220v support. This also means the Lutron gateway and and even the Lutron wireless switch will work in the UK/EU. They even do UK/EU form-factor switches for Homeworks QA and RadioRA.

        (The reason I don’t use either of those ranges is they require an entire house re-wire as they use a proprietary wiring system and are priced at a vastly higher level.)

        Whilst Aqara are making great progress they still don’t have suitable dimmer options yet.

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