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ZemiSmart WiFi Colour Downlight

The ZemiSmart Colour Downlight uses standard 2.4GHz WiFi for connectivity, which means there’s no requirement for the company’s Zigbee hub. It also means you can add the light directly to HomeKit, without even needing to add it to the Tuya Smart app either. What’s ultimately a nice surprise though is that not only does the light offer RGB colour, along with separate LEDs for cool and warm white, but the light is also compatible with Apple’s Adaptive Lighting feature, which automatically changes the colour temperature of the lights throughout the day, for both productivity and relaxation.

You can buy the ZemiSmart WiFi Downlight from Walmart in the US, or you can buy directly from ZemiSmart at a much lower price;

  • – $31.50 (4in) | $28.50 (3.5in) | $25.50 (2.5in)
  • Walmart – $45.99 (4in) | $42.99 (3.5in)

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