Aqara Video Doorbell G4 Now Available in Amazon Stores

Aqara has today announced availability for the Company’s first smart video doorbell, the G4, in both North America and Europe. The G4 features a 1080p camera and wide compatibility with third-party smart home platforms including Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home. It comes equipped with on-device AI to enable local facial recognition alerts and automations. Together with the Company’s indoor cameras, the video doorbell G4 helps users keep an eye on their homes, families, and visitors anytime, anywhere. The device is now available on Aqara’s Amazon brand stores in both North America (US, Canada) and Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK) as well as via selective Aqara retailers worldwide1.

Similar to Aqara’s Camera Hub G3 (video HERE, review HERE)  the Aqara Smart Video Doorbell G4 features AI-based facial recognition, which is executed locally on-device for faster response and privacy protection. Moreover, facial recognition of the doorbell can be used as an automation trigger, allowing users to set up customized home automation for different families and visitors. For example, the ‘welcome home’ scene will be activated when the G4 recognizes a family member coming home. Or in the case that it detects the postman, the doorbell will play a pre-recorded message. When connected to other Aqara devices, the G4 doorbell can also be a strong addition to the Aqara Home alert system as it not only monitors the activities around the front porch but also lets out a loud siren in case of home intrusion and other emergencies.

Apart from the Aqara ecosystem, the G4 doorbell also supports major third-party smart home platforms including Apple Home, Amazon Alexa and Google Home. This device is one of the few battery-powered video doorbells on the market that support Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video as well as local streaming to Amazon and Google smart displays. Moreover, Aqara anticipates adding the support of the new Matter standard to the G4 via a future OTA (over the air) update2.

With two colour variants, Shadow Gray and Black, the video doorbell G4 is designed to fit into most home environments. It supports both wireless and wired installation and can use a pack of 6 AA batteries that lasts around 4 months3. The doorbell offers adjustable sensitivity, configurable motion detection and even a power-saving mode for users who live in a high-traffic area to extend the battery life. Alternatively, users can opt to wire the G4 doorbell to an AC/DC transformer for 24/7 recording4, and use the battery pack as a backup power source. Additionally, the G4’s chime repeater, which is equipped with a 95 dB speaker, houses a USB-C port, allowing more flexibility for users to place the chime repeater indoors.

Users of the Video Doorbell G4 can store video footage locally or on the cloud via iCloud or Aqara platforms5. Aqara offers subscription-free cloud storage of up to 7 days of critical event clips such as motion detection, facial recognition, doorbell rings, and tamper alerts. Users can also choose to save video footage locally using a microSD card (up to 512 GB)6, which is housed in the indoor chime repeater. Finally, a future update will allow videos to also be stored via SMB NAS for added flexibility and security7.

For more details on the G4 video doorbell, please visit Aqara’s website. You can also watch our video review (below) or read the full written review HERE.

  1. Product availability may vary among different retail channels and could be updated all the time. It’s recommended to check with the regional retailer(s) for real-time availability.
  2. Matter support is not available at the time of launch.
  3. Based on the assumption of 35 device wake-ups and one 6-second event video recording per day. The actual battery life may vary, depending on multiple factors including device usage, battery capacity, ambient temperature, etc.
  4. A 12-24V AC or 8-24V DC transformer is required. Both a wired installation and the use of a microSD card are required for 24/7 recording.
  5. iCloud or other supported cloud storage is not included and should be controlled separately via the respective app.
  6. A microSD card is not included. 
  7. SMB NAS support may be unavailable by the time of product launch.

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