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Switchbot Hub 2 with Matter

Today we’re looking at a new hub from Switchbot, as well as a brief play with one of their devices – the SwitchBot Curtain. The Switchbot Hub 2 uses 2.4GHz WiFi to connect to your network, whilst Bluetooth is used to connect other Switchbot devices to the hub. Bluetooth might put you off, but to compensate for that, the Hub 2 is also Matter compatible, which means (some) Switchbot devices connected to the hub are then exposed to HomeKit officially, meaning fewer HomeBridge or Siri Shortcuts required.

You can purchase the Switchbot Hub 2 from Amazon stores in your region using the (affiliate) links below, along with a 15% DISCOUNT when using the following code at checkout MQ15HUB2.

The affiliate links cost you nothing extra but help us buy more products for review, to keep you informed on how products perform.

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