Onvis Announce US Version of its Matter Over Thread Smart Plug

Just last week Smart Home product manufacturer Onvis announced it was offering a 40% off discount on pre-orders for its brand new Matter over Thread smart plugs for the EU. Now folks in North America also get the chance to get in on the action with preorders for the US version of the S4 smart plug.

The S4 smart plug from Onvis is now available for presale with an early bird offer, as is currently offered for the EU version. The S4 and S4EU are unique for Onvis, because it not only uses the new wireless protocol, Thread, but also have Matter certification, making them compatible with various platforms with just one certification, including Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Samsung SmartThings. Shipping is set to begin in mid-June, allowing customers ample time to prepare for its arrival.

The S4 (US) is available as part of an ‘Early bird’ presale promotion, offering a 40% discount off the regular retail price for customers who purchase in advance. Consumers can purchase a 2-pack for US$24.99 (MSRP US$39.99), making each smart plug only US$12.50, or a 4-pack for US$39.99 (MSRP US$64.99), bringing each smart plug’s cost down to an amazing US$10.00 each.

It’s worth noting that a single Eve smart plug that uses Matter over Thread is currently available on for US$39.95, which is nearly four times the price of the Onvis S4 smart plug. However, it’s essential to mention that the Eve Smart Plug offers energy monitoring, which the equivalent Onvis plug does not.

Overall, Onvis’s presale promotion offers a cost-effective way for consumers to upgrade their smart home setup with the S4 smart plug. While the energy monitoring feature of the Eve Smart Plug may be valuable to some users, others may find that the Onvis S4 smart plug provides the necessary functionality at a more affordable price point.

You can preorder the Onvis S4 or S4EU via the Onvis webshop. Onvis is also offering free shipping for the S4EU to the following countries – Germany, France, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, and Poland.

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3 thoughts on “Onvis Announce US Version of its Matter Over Thread Smart Plug

  • Do they say if it acts as a Thread router or just an endpoint?

    • Hi, I’m not sure if you’re the same person that asked this on Reddit too, but I’ll copy n’ paste the answer I gave there here anyway;

      By default they should be. At present I’ve got one of each of the EU and US plugs, but looking in the Thread Network section in the Eve app, they don’t show up at all, which is possibly to do with them being Matter certified, not HomeKit certified.

      • Thanks! That Reddit person must be someone else.

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