HomeKit Support and Ring – Finally?

As reported on earlier, there seems to be a bit of movement in the right direction regarding the ongoing saga of Ring getting HomeKit support. This ‘saga’ started way back in 2016 when Ring announced HomeKit support for their DoorBell Pro, which since then has failed to materialise, despite Ring’s insistence that it was ‘coming soon’.

well, it now turns out that one Twitter user (@mrdanielfeo) spotted a couple of new additions to the MFi program on Apple’s website, one of which was for the Ring Doorbell Pro, with another for the Spotlight Cam.

If you’re not aware of the MFi program, in a nutshell, Apple originally required manufacturers to use a special MFi chip for all HomeKit certified devices. However, since last year, the need for this chip has taken a backseat to a newer software authentication method, which has freed up many requirements for HomeKit certification, along with saving costs for many companies, especially some of the newer innovative startups.

Whether this is a reason as to why Ring has now come back to the HomeKit ‘table’, remains to be seen, but there are many users out there that have grown tired of this kind of news coming out, only to have their hopes ruined by further inaction on Ring’s (seeming) inaction, and we can’t really blame them. If it does actually happen, then the remaining people who’ve stood fast and waited for the long-promised HomeKit support may finally be rewarded for their patience.

The Editor

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