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Airversa Humelle Humidifier W/ Thread (video)

The Humelle (or AH1) from Airversa is the world’s first and only Thread-enabled Smart Humidifier. In this video, I go through pretty much all the features of this product, although as of the time of this recording, humidity is high in my part of the world, so while I tested a lot of the functions I haven’t shown any humidification tests, as the high humidity hear would skew the results, so I thought it best not to include those, to keep it as neutral as possible. I did do tests that involved reducing the humidity as best as possible in the test room, then testing humidification, and it did work as expected.

You can purchase the the Airversa Humelle from Amazon stores in your region using the (affiliate) links below, which cost you nothing extra but help us buy more products for review, to keep you informed on how products perform.

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