Aqara Announce PRO version of Z1 Smart Switches

Whilst it’s great to see Aqara stuff released in the US, Europe and beyond, it’s wise to note that they still release a ton of stuff solely destined for the Chinese market, and today was one such day, with the announcement of the Smart (Canon) Switch Z1 Pro with Zigbee 3.0.

Earlier this year the company released the Z1 range, which offered consumers not only a new design but the option to use the one switch with or without a neutral wire. Additionally, the range was offered in the usual single, double, or triple switch variants, with a four-button version that is a wireless button with single, double, and long press functionality. The Z1 Pro offers the same design with a slight twist by including a wireless slider control.

This does not offer dimming control, as one might expect, but can be programmed to control other Aqara products like their smart bulbs or other Aqara lights, including the recently released LED Strip T1 (review, video) or the Ceiling Light T1/T1M. In theory, you could also programme it to control other Aqara products, including their roller shade and curtain motors. It would also appear (from our attempts at translating the Chinese text…) that this large side panel also has single, double, and long press actions.

The switches include a ‘guide’ light so you can see them in the dark, although these can be turned off fully or at specific time periods within the Aqara app. The dots on the slider do not light up it seems.

As with the original Z1 switches, you can use the Z1 Pro with or without a neutral wire, although as is standard, without the neutral wire these switches can’t act as Zigbee repeaters.

The Z1 Pro is available in four button configurations and two colour ways. The Z1 switches that preceded these were to be offered in a variety of colours initially, but only ever saw the same dark grey or white options upon release.

Aqara are selling these switches from RMB289 as part of a presale offer, with the price expected to rise upon release via the usual Chinese online outlets like TMall, and Taobao.

Thanks to Eric Yao at Wavetech for the find

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