Phytrex Introduces IP Cam SDK Working with Apple HomeKit

Phytrex recently announced a new IP Cam software development kit (SDK) designed for Apple HomeKit. This SDK platform comes with WACIO Wi-Fi module and Full HD 1080p resolution camera module.

The platform supports not only the HomeKit architecture, but also Amazon Echo and Google Home as well as other wireless standards. It will enable artificial intelligence (AI), AR/VR and voice control applications. Phytrex said the AI-IOT platform will help its clients quickly develop complete automation solutions.

The IP cam SDK contains many useful features including Live View and Snapshot. On the hardware, the pan-tilt-zoom camera is able to change angle, range and clarify and thus obtains better monitoring performance.

Phytrex also has software innovations to enable 4-by-4 grid touch, SD local recording, cloud recording, playback, facial recognition, sensor add-on and AI voice control designed to meet the various consumer demand.

Phytrex prides itself in offering advanced security. The company specialized in providing modules for secure mobile payment applications in the early days. The know-how, along with the company’s superior P2P and facial recognition technologies, are ideal fit for today’s home security applications, Phyrex stressed.

Open ecosystem is critical to the smart home industry. With this notion in mind, Phyrex has developed dual systems in order to satisfy different customers’ demands.

As an MFi solution provider, Phytrex supplies certified wireless modules for companies that want to develop HomeKit-compatible products. Smart home brands have adopted Phytrex’s SDK to develop smart speaker, smart plug, smart fan, smart air purifier, smart air conditioner, smart lighting, smart curtains and smart lock.

Source: | John Liu

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