Unlock Your Door With Just Your Apple Watch

Now you can lock and unlock your door with just your Apple Watch. No need to have your iPhone nearby. Embrace the freedom of heading out on a run, walking the dog or gardening in the front yard with just the watch on your wrist.

The all-new native August Apple Watch app lets house “Owners” with any generation of our August Smart Lock and any Apple Watch control their lock, without needing to carry their iPhone. Using your watch is now among the fastest and easiest ways to control your lock. From your watch screen you can view multiple locks or choose to control only your main lock. You can also add your August Smart Lock as a watch face shortcut (Apple Watch Complication) on your watch home screen.

Activate the New August Apple Watch App

To begin using the August Watch app:

  • Update your August App on your iPhone to version 6.7.10 or higher and make sure your watch is running WatchOS 4 or higher
  • Launch the August Apple Watch app on your watch. You may be prompted to login on your iPhone to sync your lock(s) with your watch
  • Give it a try!

The new Apple Watch lock/unlock feature is available to any user who is set up as a house Owner. You can promote a house “Guest” to an Owner:

  • Open the Guest List in the August app
  • Tap the Guest that you would like to promote to an Owner
  • Update the Access Level to Owner and save the changes

It’s important to note that if you want to use Auto-Unlock,  you will still need to have your phone nearby, since this feature relies on a few different technologies inside your iPhone. You can read more about how Auto-Unlock works here.

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