Leviton switch firmware update – good or bad? (poll – voting closed)

Almost two weeks ago, Leviton pushed out their first firmware update for their Decora Smart HomeKit line of light switches and dimmers. As noted in our recent review of the Decora Smart line, we ran across some connectivity/reliability issues, and judging from comments and other reviews online, we were not alone. So, we want to hear from you. Did the recent firmware update fix any issues you had with your switches? Are you still experiencing any issues at all? Did you have any issues before the update? Or is it just simply too early to tell?

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2 thoughts on “Leviton switch firmware update – good or bad? (poll – voting closed)

  • I went and bought more switches and now I have to say that the firmware update was garbage and now its to a point where the switches are going bad. I have a switch that is stuck with the LED indicator on and it’s non-responsive.

  • The update fixed my issue. Previously, I had issues where it will become unresponsive after a month. After the update, I had the same issue. I decided to delete the device and then added it back to homekit and now everything worked well. One article mentioned that it ran hot. I had the same concern with my switch. However, after the update, it seems like it does not run as hot anymore. I would have preferred that switch can stay as cool as the regular non-smart switch. I am not familiar with other brand smart switches.

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