Xiaomi Release New Promo Video Using Aqara Smart Devices

As we edge closer to the release of the very first HomeKit compatible Aqara product (namely the Aqara Smart Hub), the company has been issuing small hints via social media, demonstrating all the things that the Hub, and the various compatible devices can do. Now Xiaomi themselves have released a new video on their YouTube channel, demonstrating the types of uses you can expect to be able to use with these products in a typical day.

This is the first time we’re aware of where Xiaomi themselves have promoted Aqara products, so this all fits in to the push towards the release of the Hub, slated for a September release. It also indicates that Xiaomi are serious about stepping into the HomeKit arena, which is happening in tandem with a massive push from Xiaomi with various European store opening, along with a raft of new product releases, from phones to smart bikes and everything in between.

While this particular video doesn’t show anything specifically to do with HomeKit, it does show the Aqara app being used, which is essentially a 3rd party HomeKit compatible app.

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