Donation Appeal and Giveaway: Humanitarian Aid for La Soufrière Volcano eruption

“Look for the helpers.” – Mister Rogers

When a devastating disaster occurs we can always find the helpers – immediately volunteering donations, time, or lending their voices to increase awareness. However, the effects of impactful disasters continue long after the spotlight moves on to the next headline.

Such is the case of the citizens affected by the volcanic eruption in the country of St. Vincent & The Grenadines. The polluted air, filled with fine ash, poses an ongoing threat of long-term respiratory issues to its inhabitants. The people of St. Vincent are in dire need of masks to combat breathing in this ash-laden air as the island works on its recovery, so a crowdfunding campaign has been set up to support the purchase and delivery of 200,000 masks directly to the island.

The link to the GoFundMe page: [or]

Can you help? The Vincentians organizing this are looking for helpers to donate anything they can to reach their goal of $18,000 – with every donation going towards the purchasing cost and freight of 200k surgical masks.

In support of these efforts, the organisers have three prizes to give away, with two smart home companies having each generously donated a product to be won as part of a draw, and three winners chosen at random.

One of these prizes is an Aqara M2 hub (international version), considered to be Aqara’s flagship Hub device. The hub connects to Apple HomeKit, and helps connect a variety of the company’s own Zigbee switches, buttons, and sensors. Another prize, donated by smart home device manufacturer Onvis, is the brand new Kameleon K1 Light Strip – capable of not only producing a standard 16 million colours but also displaying 20 separate colours on a single 2m strip, in addition to many user-controlled multicolour effects. the third prize is a 2-pack of the Vocolinc SmartBar, a very popular smart plug, compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

To enter the draw you simply need to do the following;

  1. make a donation to the GoFundMe page mentioned above (minimum of US$20 to be entered into the draw)
  2. Write a comment below this article saying “A Win For Life” so we know you’ve both donated and want to be entered into the giveaway
  3. Specify the prize you’re interested in, if you have a preference, along with any other comments.

Once chosen potential winners are selected, and you’re one of them, you’ll be contacted to ask for some basic details of your donation, which will be within the receipt you receive from GoFundMe, and then ask you for your shipping details in order to get the relevant prize out to you.


The organisers of the giveaway are not able to ship to a few destinations, so if you want to donate with a view to winning a prize, and your country is one location we’re unable to ship to, please don’t enter the giveaway, as we’ll not be able to ship to you. The countries* we’re unable to ship to are;

  • Russian Federation
  • People’s Republic of China
  • Venezuela
  • North Korea

If a prize is shipped to you, shipping is covered and you will be sent a tracking number, but you will be responsible for any taxes or import duties relating to the device.

All decisions relating to these prizes, and who are the chosen winners, will be final and at the discretion of the GoFundMe organisers.

* There may be further countries we may not be able to ship to. Please check with the relevant authorities, if you think your country has problems with these kinds of products being imported.

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5 thoughts on “Donation Appeal and Giveaway: Humanitarian Aid for La Soufrière Volcano eruption

  • I’m on another island and have gotten dusted by Soufrière; seems like we’re not downwind this time.

    A Win For Life is a nice initiative from this site: I’d choose the Aqara hub. The Kameleon would be next choice since I already stocked up on plugs 🙂

  • I just donated. I’ve decided not to accept being a winner in hopes that other people will donate and have a chance to win these products. Simon, I applaud you for bringing this to the communities attention. Kudus to Aqara, Onvis, and VOCOlinc for donating these products.

    • All credit should go to the organisers really, but appreciate the donation and comments Jeffrey.

  • I remember the way the world came together to help us all in Australia when we had our devastating bushfires of 2020 and so A Win For Life is a fantastic way to bring us together again to support our friends in St. Vincent & The Grenadines.

    If I were to win, I’d have to go with the Aqara M2 hub as my first choice. Great work to the organisers of the campaign!

    • Thanks Daniel, a good point well made.

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