IoT Company ‘Buddy’ Acquires LiFX

Buddy, the Australian IoT company have released a statement today outlining an agreement to acquire LIFX, the company behind many lighting products, including LiFX Tile, Beam and the Z-Strip smart light strip, in addition to a wide variety of smart bulbs.

In its statement, Buddy said “We also believe as many others do, that intelligent lighting will be the foundation for such smart spaces”.

The acquisition of LiFX is part of a broader plan to incorporate many other products that come under the ‘Buddy’ IoT umbrella, with LiFX being just one recent product that became part of the ‘Works With Buddy’ program.

The two companies released an official statement regarding the acquisition, which amongst other things stated that “each of LIFX’s products is capable of reporting their energy consumption, with the future opportunity to also act as a sensing platform for environmental and localized comfort monitoring, and more.

“Certain models of LIFX lights contain other sensors and hardware that may facilitate control by Buddy Ohm of lights, appliances, air conditioning and other consumers of energy in an occupied space,”.

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