Forthcoming LaunchCuts App Organises Your Shortcuts

Developer Adam Tow is preparing to release a new app that is designed to provide what is described as a “…powerful, customisable, and elegant launcher for ShortCuts on iOS”. Broken down, the app, called LaunchCuts, will allow you to organise your shortcuts into folders, sort your Shortcuts by name, colour, icon or size, and even allows for ‘Smart Folders’ which will allow you to display shortcuts on a variety of variables, like tags, shortcut type, or accepted input types.

Each folder you create can also be customised, allowing you to adjust the grid of ShortCut tiles, so you can have more or fewer tiles on display at any one time. This is also possible on a folder-by-folder basis, so each folders’ UI can be uniquely displayed separately to other folders.

LaunchCuts also has a built-in search engine if you have a lot of shortcuts, as well as create multiple instances of the LaunchCuts screens when using Split View or Slide Over, although this is only for the iPadOS. Although some of the functionality will be restricted to the iPad for obvious reasons, the iOS version looks just as good and enhances what is already available if you’re a Shortcuts user of any level.

Adam states that the app will launch in January, although he’s offering a private beta via TestFlight for those interested in testing it out. For more info and the possibility of joining the TestFlight program, head over to

Thanks to Charles Reed over at the Shortcuts Facebook group for the heads up.

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