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Abode iota Security Gateway – HomeKit Setup and Review

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Abode store on Amazon.com https://amzn.to/2PGJ5U5

For those of you not familiar with Abode, they are one of the most well known names in the DIY Home Security world. Abode has officially launched the rollout of the Homekit compatible firmware for the Abode Iota Gateway.

For those of you with the Abode Gen1 or Gen2 gateways, there is still hope as Abode is still working through the Apple Homekit certification process with those products. After a month of using the Abode gateway, it’s still on my “recommended” list of products not because the product is perfect, but because the company continues to fix the things that are wrong and they seem to be doing it quickly. The Homekit support was first shipped in late November. Unfortunately, there were a couple of bugs (all of my Abode linked contact sensors disappeared from Homekit) but Abode worked quickly to deliver a new firmware version and the issue were fixed.

Products have bugs, that’s just a fact of life. But when a company stands up and fixes them quickly, they get my respect.