Xiaoyan/Terncy Add New Colours to Switch Lineup

Xiaoyan, or Terncy as they’re known outside of Asia, have introduced 5 additional colours to the original ‘Lunar White’ versions of their ZigBee-based light switch, which we reviewed last December. The new colours are Champagne Gold, Rose GoldJet BlackAzure Blue and Rime Grey.

For those unaware of Xiaoyan/Terncy, the company is based in Shanghai, China, and makes a suite of HomeKit enabled accessories, all of which use ZigBee as their preferred mode of communication, which all connect to HomeKit via their hub, known as the Home Center, which itself connects to your router/network via an ethernet connection. You can check out their products in our overview video below;

The video doesn’t include the aforementioned switches, but essentially the switches are available in two variants, ones that don’t require a neutral wire, and ones that do. Both come with four buttons, and, depending on your requirements, are available as 2 or 3 gang versions, for the no-neutral switch, and 2,3 or 4 gang versions for the neutral switch. in the 2-gang switch that I reviewed, the first two switches work just like physical light switches, controlling your lights as normal, with the remaining two switches essentially being wireless, programmable switches, that can be used to control smart bulbs, or scenes etc.

Xiaoyan are still working hard to get into the European and US market, but these switches and all their other smart devices are available on AliExpress now.

For more information, check out their website –

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