Swann Video Doorbell With HomeKit For only £90? [UPDATE]

*** UPDATE ***
It would appear from all the evidence gleaned so far, that the website listing this product as HomeKit compatible (as well as being compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa) must have it wrong, as there’s no evidence elsewhere to suggest that it’s compatible with any of these three systems at all. Having said that, could it be a new model? Possible but doubtful at this point. This only serves to remind people that stores themselves are expected to accurately list the specs of the products they’re selling, especially if the product in question hasn’t got these specs listed on the manufacturers’ own website.

As impossible as it may seem, Swann Security is selling a video doorbell that is listed on a UK website as HomeKit compatible, for a mere UK£90! The same product is listed on the company’s US website at a mere US$79.00, with the video doorbell and chime coming as a package priced at US$149.00. The model listed is the SWADS-WVDP720, with the 720 referring to the fact that it uses a 720p camera. This could all be some clerical error on the part of the sellers’ website, but the page clearly lists compatibility with the three main smart home systems, of which Apple HomeKit is one. It could also be that HomeKit is a planned update for the future, but as many have seen before, promises don’t always get honoured.

The basic features for the doorbell, as listed on the website are;

  • Smart doorbell – see who’s at the door from your phone
  • Compatible with iOS and Android operating systems
  • Captures clear HD 720p quality video
  • Watch live anywhere and anytime with night vision
  • Two-way audio lets you talk & listen to people remotely

In addition to the doorbell cam, the same website also lists the Doorbell Chime to go with the doorbell, which leads us to suspect this may be a mistake, as the chime is also listed as HomeKit compatible. We’ve reached out to the company to find out more and will report back on our findings once we’ve heard back, but for now, if this is indeed true, this would be an astounding price, especially compared to the Robin Video doorbell at more than seven times the price.

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