The Vocolinc EU Smart Plug and Power Strip – First Look

Vocolinc are set to release a couple of new smart devices for the EU next month – the VP2, which is the European version of their PM2 and PM2E smart power strips, currently available in the US, and the VP3, which is comparable to the Vocolinc SmartBar, also for North America (and other countries that use Type B plugs).

We’ve been sent test units of each of these devices, and once we’ve forwarded them on to our EU reviewer for a full once over, we’ll be posting a full review. For now though, here are some image to whet your appetite.

There’s no final word on the release of these two devices, but we’re told the strip may be available in Amazon stores by the end of the month. The Strip should be priced at around €59.99, but no price yet for the Smart Plug.



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