Yeelight Unveil Sense Smart Desk Lamp With HomeKit

After only a few weeks since launching a new bedside lamp, floor lamp, a table lamp and a few new ceiling lights, Yeelight has revealed yet another device in their lamp series, this time in the form of a Desk Lamp. We previously reported on this lamp, now officially named the Yeelight Sense Desk Lamp, back in July, and of the four, there is only one left to be officially unveiled, which is also a desk lamp (how many instances of the word ‘lamp’ can we fit in this paragraph??).

The Sense Desk Lamp is in some ways similar to the Mi Desk Lamp Pro (also actually made by Yeelight), with multiple articulating joints and a circular base. The main difference is in the light itself, with the Mi version having a round LED light, whilst the new Yeelight version having a wide strip containing LEDs on either side.

The front of the light section head contains a power button as well as an indicator to let you know if the ambient light in relation to the brightness of your lamp is too low for suitable reading/writing. this is achieved with two special light sensors that can detect ambient light levels and remind you to adjust the brightness accordingly.

Currently, the lamp is only available to order in Mainland China, but we suspect this will also be available to purchase soon after, via the usual international online stores.

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