Aqara add Forthcoming EU Smart Zigbee plug to App

Aqara has been steadily testing out a variety of forthcoming devices, some of which we’ve previously reported here, and today we noticed that when you set the Aqara app to the ‘Europe’ region (despite there being no server for Europe), a few ‘new’ devices are now listed.

  • M2 Hub
  • T1 Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • T1 Motion Sensor
  • T1 Door & Window Sensor
  • T1 Water Leak Sensor
  • T1 Light Detection Sensor
  • Smart Plug (EU standard)

In our estimation, the most anticipated devices here would be the new Aqara EU plug, along with the M2, although so far it doesn’t look as though the latter of the two will see the light until early next year.

In addition, the forthcoming ceiling lights and switches as part of a cooperation between Opple and Aqara are also listed as are both Aqara curtain motors and the Roller Curtain motor, although to be fair we aren’t sure if these were in fact listed before. You can read more about the Opple Ceiling lights HERE.

Assuming all of this is legitimately listed, it should mean that many of the devices previously assumed to be only made available in Mainland China, will eventually make their way to the EU, and hopefully the US too.

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7 thoughts on “Aqara add Forthcoming EU Smart Zigbee plug to App

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  • What could be the difference between the original and T1 versions, for example ‘Door and Window Sensor’ vs. ‘Door and Window Sensor T1’

    • The T1 sensors use Zigbee 3.0 which has a larger signal range, and is potentially more compatible with other Zigbee 3.0 systems.

  • Ah, thanks! No valid reason to replace my ‘old’ sensors I guess…

    • Right, unless you’re suffering from weak signals with your sensors, there’s not a valid reason for replacing them at this point.

  • Me pregunto porque Aqara no saca enchufes inteligente de pared, empotrrables en la pared. Como los enchufes inteligentes de “Valena next” de legrando compatibles con homekit. Sin embargo si tiene interruptores de pared. Sabes si en un futuro cercano tienen planes de sacar enchufes inteligentes de pared?. Me parece muy poco estético colocar un enchufe sobre otro enchufe.

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