Robin Telecom Add ‘Compact’ Version of Their Video Doorbell

Robin Telecom, the Netherlands-based company who were the first (and still the only) company to hit the market with a HomeKit-compatible video doorbell, with the Robin ProLine, have now introduced a compact version, which is unsurprisingly branded the Robin ProLine Compact, although the price isn’t quite as ‘compact’ as many might have hoped, coming in at €599/US$663 (approx), with its larger sibling priced at €696/US$769 (approx), which is still a high price for a video doorbell, given the current price of Ring and Nest products, albeit with HomeKit support.

The newer, compact version does have mostly the same specs as its predecessor, with 720p video stream/playback, and a 5MP camera. The Compact, in terms of dimensions, is considerably smaller, at 110mm (W) x 150mm (H), compared to the ProLine, at 110mm (W) x 257mm (H).

The bonus with the Compact over the original model is that Robin offers it in three finishes; Onyx Black, Space Grey, and Silver, with the ProLine only available in a brushed, anodised aluminium finish.

The company did state Their ProLine Video Doorbell Cam would support HomeKit Secure Video after the feature was announced by Apple, and the same applies to the Compact version, although this feature is not due to be added until December 2019 at the earliest.

More information on the Robin Telecom line of products can be found on their website –

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