Flic LR Hub Now Officially HomeKit Compatible

After quite a long wait, the Flic LR Hub is now HomeKit compatible, which means those little Flic buttons are now exposed to HomeKit, with single, double and long press options. In order to get the update, you must first download the latest version of the company’s app (v.5.0.0), with the firmware for your hub being v3.0.2.

To initiate HomeKit compatibility, you will simply need to log into your Flic account, open the options for one (or more) of your Flic buttons, and you’ll be given the opportunity to add the buttons to HomeKit. It’s worth noting this process has to be done via the Flic app, but you can assign functions to the buttons in the Home app, once each button is added to HomeKit. Once added, they’ll appear in the Home app as regular buttons.

The one downside to this new integration, if you’ve been using these buttons to work with other vendors that are outside of the HomeKit ecosystem, once the buttons are added to HomeKit, the Flic integrations are no longer available. Hopefully, this will change down the line, but it could be a bit of a disappointment to some users, although this may be beyond Flic’s control.

The company have also uploaded a video tutorial to help its customers through the simple process.

the bonus news is that whilst only the Flic LR hub is compatible with HomeKit, unlike the first-gen Flic hub, both the Flic 2 and original Flic buttons are compatible with HomeKit, as long as they go through the Flic Hub LR of course.

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4 thoughts on “Flic LR Hub Now Officially HomeKit Compatible

  • Oh wow, is there a way to expose to or use the IR accessory with Homekit?

    • I don’t believe so, at least not officially, as HomeKit doesn’t support IR functionality per se. There is an exception for certain types of devices, but IR is just the method used to control an already supported class of device – the Tado smart AC Controller V3+ uses IR, but the device and service are designated as a thermostat.

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