Eufy Issue HomeKit Update for EufyCam 2C

As originally reported by our friends over at, Eufy has finally issued the anticipated update for their EufyCam 2C to include HomeKit support. The latest firmware update for owners of the eufyCam 2C is now available (FW v1.5.4 or higher) and the HomeBase 2 (FW v2.0.6.6h or higher).

The company seems to have been pushing the latest updated firmware on January 3rd, stating “….we are pushing new firmware to all our Homebase 2 users. The whole process should be completed in a few days.” Owners will have to update both the Eufy Security app as well as the firmware for all devices before attempting to integrate the cameras into HomeKit.

In the updated Security app you will find My devices > Home Security > HomeKit Setup, in the HomeBase settings of the app menu. You’ll then be guided through the instructions to add your camera(s) to HomeKit.

The HomeBase 2 serves as a bridge and forwards the information from the connected cameras to the HomeKit.

Some HomeBases come with a HomeKit code, but some don’t, although regardless of whether you have one on your HomeBase, you will still be able to add your cameras to HomeKit.

Eufy also provides a short PDF document for download for the HomeKit setup. Once updated, the cameras and the built-in motion detector are available directly in the Apple Home app. Even after the HomeKit update, the cameras can still be viewed via the Eufy Security app and you can still access various settings if necessary. Eufy have also stated that the next major update will bring HomeKit Secure Video (HSV) to the EufyCam 2C, in early 2020.

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