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Netatmo Introduce HomeKit-Enabled NFC Smart Lock

First reported by Thomas Ricker at The Verge, Netatmo have added a new smart lock to their lineup of Smart Home products, which so far consists of cameras, an intruder alarm, a smoke alarm, and the (still forthcoming) video doorbell.

The new smart lock will be HomeKit compatible, but unlike many of the competition, this lock seems to mainly revolve around replacing only the barrel mechanism of the lock itself, but the differences don’t end there. The lock itself doesn’t actually contain a motorised unit, so the lock acts in much the same way as a regular lock, in that you insert the key, then turn the door mechanism to open the door yourself. Owing to the fact keys having NFC built-in, this confirms to the lock that the keys aren’t copies as such. This, unfortunately, means that there appears to be no remote or hands-free option to unlock the door. Not great.

The lock uses four AAA batteries, which can last up to two years, according to the company. If the batteries die unexpectedly, the lock can be temporarily powered with the use of a micro USB cable, presumably connected to a mobile battery pack (that you’ll obviously be carrying with you at all times (not)), although there is a warning from the dedicated lock app from Netatmo, when the batteries get low.

[UPDATE] It would seem from Netatmo’s press release, that the lock itself can be set to a locked or unlocked state, with the mortice lock is still in its original position, just not locked. This would mean that while the lock doesn’t physically turn, it is in an unlocked state when a signal is sent from your phone or via remote access. So, as an example, you want to let someone in while you’re at work, but they don’t have a key. You remotely set the lock to be in an unlocked state, and the visitor simply turns the external doorknob to open the door. We do know from The Verge’s original post that the lock, like many others, works with HomeKit using Bluetooth, with the NFC data being stored locally on the lock itself. The price for the lock is expected to be in the €350 – 400 range, which seems rather steep if the core remote functionality isn’t available.

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7 thoughts on “Netatmo Introduce HomeKit-Enabled NFC Smart Lock

  • Simon,

    It looks to me like this is designed to replace a deadlock barrel mechanism. Given it requires batteries and has a large backside then to me it appears there is a motor inside that then can lock / unlock the deadlock. The images confirm this as the door handle above the lock is used to open the door whereas the key would traditionally lock/unlock the deadlock (deadbolt in the image). Most new doors and many of the doors in Europe are configured this way. This door style has the benefit of latching closed if the deadbolt is unlocked. The door can be unlocked without being open. Your additional comment still seems incorrect as the barrel requires physically turning to revoke the deadbolt so the door can be opened. To me it appears there is more than likely a motor in the lock.

    I’m excited for this product because I recently redid my entrance door at home in this style and most of the other products on the market so far have not been compatible.

    • I admit I’m not totally certain on how it works as it’s not massively clear from the original post on the Verge, so thanks for the pointers.

      • There is definitely no motor in this kind of NFC smart lock or “electronic cylinder”.
        You have to manually turn the knob to unlock & open, or lock the door. When the device is set to “locked” with the app, the knob turn freely with no stop and cannot action the bolts.
        When you choose “unlock” in the app, the knob has a stop and you can turn it physically to action the bolts yourself, and open the door.
        It is as simple as this!

  • Isn’t this the exact same principal as the DOM taplock?
    They use an NFC ‘key’ too, and that will determine whether the lock can twist or not. Has been around for years!

    • Yes, same kind. Except that all these NFC smart cylinders : taplock by DOM, but also Libra Smart by ISEO, or easylock by Pollux… do not work with HomeKit.

      The eVy and eVy 2 NFC smart cylinders by French startup Elocky do have HomeKit compatibility however (not advertised but supported in beta, can be activated on demand for their customers).

  • Is it as good as their doorbell, oh hang on it hasn’t been released yet.

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