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Sengled Confirm HomeKit Hub, Alongside Two New Bulbs

First reported by Ben Patterson at TechHive.com, Sengled has announced a trio of new products, that also includes a new HomeKit compatible version of their ZigBee hub. This is the 3rd generation hub from the company, whose devices had previously only been exposed to systems like Philips Hue, although not exposed to HomeKit via the Hue Bridge, as is the case with many other products that work with THe Hue system.

As the new hub will undoubtedly work with the company’s current lineup of Zigbee lighting products, including cameras, this will also mean many, if not all of their products will get exposed to HomeKit via the hub, which immediately expands the customer base for the company. The hub is capable of supporting up to 64 devices, and alongside HomeKit support, will also work with Amazon Alexa and Google Nest.

Whilst the company already have a fairly robust range of lights, they’ve still managed to bring two new bulbs to the table, with a new E27 filament bulb, in the same ‘pear-shaped’ form factor as the Philips Hue ST19 Filament bulb (check out our review HERE). The new filament bulb will be set to warm white (2100K) and will apparently be retailing for around US$30 for a 2-pack, which is a bargain compared to the Hue equivalent. Add to this, the new E12 candelabra bulb, which is capable of the standard 16m colours. There’s no word on the number of lumens either of these bulbs are capable of, however, and as yet there’s no firm release date for these products.

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