EU Mi Smart Plug Now Available on AliExpress

The Mijia version of the recently announced Aqara smart plug has now surfaced in the most unlikely of places for an EU device, namely AliExpress, where it’s currently available for the low price of around €17.00 (plus shipping).

the new EU Mi Smart plug works with Mi Home but also works with HomeKit via the current Aqara hub (set to the EU server) and is suitable for most European countries that use what are sometimes referred to as Schuko plugs, or have type F sockets.

Just like the Aqara versions that are available in EU, US and China, the new Mi mart Plug uses Zigbee, although unlike the new Aqara EU plug, it isn’t officially Zigbee 3.0 certified. The other difference between the Aqara and Mi versions is down to the shape, which for the Mi, is square, whilst the Aqara version is round (or tubular?).

The Mi Plug is rated for 10A, with a maximum of 2300W, with a rated voltage of 220-240V at 50/60Hz. The plug dimensions are 60(w) x 60(h) x 58.5mm (d).

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14 thoughts on “EU Mi Smart Plug Now Available on AliExpress

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  • Wow great news!

    Sadly the link is not working anymore 🙁

    • I just tried the link at the bottom of the article and it still works for me.

  • Are you sure it works with the new Mi Smart Gateway? Because that device only works with region set to China Mainland, but in this case I don’t see this EU plug in the list of devices that I can add, just the CN version.

    • Hello Kris, in theory, you can add the EU plug to the Mi Smart Gateway set to the China server, but you have to select the Chinese variant of the smart plug from the list. It should then appear in your list of devices, but you won’t be able to access the settings for the device. This is the case when adding both the Taiwan version of the Mi Smart plug and the US version of the Aqara smart plug to the Mi Home app, set to the Chinese Mainland server. This should (once again, in theory) only be possible due to the plug not being officially a certified Zigbee 3.0 device. The Aqara EU smart plug is officially certified as Zigbee 3.0 compliant, as as such, can’t be added to the Mi Smart Gateway, with China server, only the Aqara hub (any version) via the Aqara app set to HomeKit Mode.

    • Hi Kris, just an update regarding your original question. I’ve had someone test this plug, as described in my previous reply, and unfortunately, it only works with the Aqara EU hub, set to the EU server. So it won’t work with the Mi smart Gateway and it can’t be added to the Aqara hub in the Aqara app. Apologies for any confusion. I’ve now amended the article with the Mi Smart Gateway reference removed.

  • Hi!

    I have trouble adding the plug to the Aqara app.

    What kind of new device should i choose when I’m adding a new device to make it show up in the app?


    • I think i figured it out. The hub I have is not an EU Hub but the “old” one bought from China.

      • Hi Andreas, the EU plug will only work with the EU Aqara hub, not the Chinese one, if you are trying to add it via the Mi Home app. However, you might be able to add it to the Chinese Aqara hub if you use the Aqara app in HomeKit mode. This does require that the hub is binded to the Aqara app however, which would mean you’d have to reset the hub and remove it from the Mi Home app first.

  • I bought a Xiaomi Smart Plug Ziggbee EU and I tried to pair it with a Aqara Hub CN through Mi Home app. The setup was successful and it is available through the homekit, but it is not listed in Mi Home (my app is linked to Chinese mainland server), therefore not being able to access the settings or automatism. I need to add the hub to Aqara App and then add the plug? But then I can’t use the the Mi Home app anymore, right?

    • Hi Steve, if you want the Mi EU smart plug to appear in HomeKit as well be able to create automations outside of HomeKit, you will need to remove the hub from Mi Home, reset it, then add it to the Aqara Home app. The Mi Home app has region restrictions, whilst the Aqara app doesn’t, as long as you’re using the app in HomeKit mode initially.

      Essentially, once your hub is binded to the Aqara app, and you’re signed in (with the China server), if you want to then add the EU plug, you have to sign out of the app and select HomeKit mode. This then exposes all of the compatible devices with the hub, regardless of the region they are designed for. As the Mi Smart plug isn’t officially supported, and isn’t listed when adding a new accessory, you simply need to select the Chinese plug (listed as Smart Plug China standard), then select the Chinese hub, and add the EU plug. It will then be added to the Chinese hub, and will be exposed to HomeKit. If you then want to create automations with the smart plug in the Aqara app, you need to sign back in, but the plug will still be available even when signed into the server.

      • Hi Simon, thanks for the quick reply and explanation. What about if I didn’t want to use homekit and use only Mi Home app? Only with Aqara EU Hub and EU servers, right? The problem for me is that I wanted to use the Mi Home app because of the additional settings, features and future devices i intent to buy. Maybe i’ll try to get another socket (CN) for my ecosystem and forget about the EU version for now.

        • No problem. If you have the EU hub and EU plug, and set the app to the EU server, you shouldn’t have any issues.

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