OneLink Issue Airplay 2 Update to Safe and Sound Smoke Alarms

Onelink, the US company who make a range of smoke and CO alarms, including a couple of smart home compatible products, have issued a firmware update to their Safe & Sound combined Smoke/CO alarm with a built-in speaker. The update now adds Airplay 2 to the speaker, which will now allow you to stream music from Apple Music, your iPhone or any other device that’s capable of Airplay 2.

First reported by Terry White in the Apple HomeKit Users Group on Facebook, If you’re an owner of one (or more) of these devices, you will need to update the firmware in order to get Airplay 2 functionality.

In order to get the update, you’ll need the company’s OneLink app, and be signed in, where the update will be visible via a splash screen, like in the image above.

If you’re not familiar with the Onelink Safe and Sound, besides being a HomeKit compatible Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm and sensor, it also contains a ‘premium’ speaker, along with built-in Alexa functionality.

Here are some basic features;

  • Intelligent 2-in-1 Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm sends alerts to mobile devices and tells you the type and location of emergency in your home.
  • High-end speakers provide immersive, Omni-directional audio with crisp vocals and powerful bass; noise-cancelling microphones hear you from any direction, even while playing music.
  • With built-in Alexa Voice Services, Onelink Safe & Sound can play music, news, or audiobooks; hands-free voice commands let you control smart home devices, lights, locks, and more.
  • Safe & Sound is a hardwired alarm that connects easily to electrical systems using the included adapter plugs so you don’t have to rewire.
  • The Onelink Home companion app allows you to test and silence your alarm, control entertainment and adjust your nightlight colour and brightness through your phone or tablet.

The OneLink Safe & Sound is available on for around US$180

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8 thoughts on “OneLink Issue Airplay 2 Update to Safe and Sound Smoke Alarms

  • I hope they start selling these in the UK. All we have available is the Eve and Netatmo battery powered alarms 🙁

    Shut up and take my money First Alert!

    • I think it all comes down to certification, which I imagine is especially strict when it comes to these kinds of devices. They do look good though and with Airplay 2, they’re even more of an attractive purchase.

  • I have two of these units. They just showed up today on my list of Airplay connected devices when I went to stream music from my iPhone. I didn’t do anything nor have I opened the app in quite some time.

    It must have updated automatically. I just opened the Onelink app and checked the device settings. I went through the process of adding the speakers to Homekit which was very straight forward, simple, and with not issues or bugs.

    Not bad. Usually there’s a bug or something but nadda. It just worked.

    So cool….

    They sound pretty good too.

    • That’s interesting. They contacted me earlier stating it hasn’t been officially announced, and pretty much insisted I take the post down. I guess their PR agency weren’t in sync with the company as to when the Update would be pushed!

  • I guess someone at the company puled the trigger on the update and didn’t tell public relations…. Lol

    • It wouldn’t be the first time either!

  • I just checked the firmware settings on my app. I did have automatic update enabled on both devices and they both logged updates today. One at 0740 and the other at 1849 Pacific Daylight time.

    • Thanks, that makes a lot of sense. I might get one of these at some point, although I’d probably not use the Alexa side much, if at all.

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