Eero Update Hints at Imminent HomeKit Router Integration

First reported by Adam Miarka via twitter, it would appear that Eero is preparing for HomeKit integration for some of their more recent wifi routers. Although HomeKit compatible routers were mentioned at WWDC last year, there has been pretty much nothing of note regarding this new category, at least until now, with the release of an update to both the Eero and Eero Pro routers, with firmware version 3.18. Whilst the update includes various stability improvements, as expected, it also contains, for the first time, an option for HomeKit support.

Before you rush out to your nearest store (well, online store…), it would appear that whilst the option is there, getting your Eero router to bed added to the Home app isn’t possible right now, with any attempt failing, due to the fact there’s actually no HomeKit code or any way for the current Eero app to generate such a code. As it stands, there’s no firm date for when someone turns this functionality on – either from Eero or Apple – but when it does happen, these will be the first to get the long-awaited integration that many have been dying to try out.

Not to be outdone, Linksys now have their Velop mesh Wifi System listed in their online store as ‘Coming soon’ as far as HomeKit integration is concerned, with the ‘Works with Apple HomeKit’ logo prominently displayed. Who gets there first is anyone’s guess though!

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2 thoughts on “Eero Update Hints at Imminent HomeKit Router Integration

  • Nice catch in the Velop page. Saw they tweeted something a couple weeks ago at CES about HomeKit coming soon as well.

    • I think you deserve the credit for the original Eero discovery, so thanks to you really.

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