Abode Smart Gateway

The centre of your smart, secure home. Connect up to 160 devices from abode or our partners. From security devices to lightbulbs to voice assistants, abode connects to it all.

Easy to Install
Install your kit easily with no tools required and guided instructions right in the abode app. Most people can set up their system in under 30 minutes. If you get stuck, we are just an email or phone call away. We also offer professional installation if you’d prefer to have a pro come out and get you up & running.

  • Professional-grade home security, self-installable in minutes.
  • The abode system is self-monitored and self-controlled home security and smart home platform you control right from the abode web or mobile app
  • No monthly fees: monitor your own system for free or sign up for professional monitoring with no long term contract
  • abode leverages professional grade technologies like cellular and battery backup to keep your home secure even in power outages. It also includes a built-in 93db siren.
  • The starter kit includes everything you need to get up and running with 1 Gateway, 1 mini Door/Window Sensor, 1 Remote KeyFob, and 1 Motion Sensor. No contract required, see our website for more details on optional plans available. It includes a 93-decibel siren to scare off trouble.

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