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LiFX Candle With Apple HomeKit

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If you’re looking to pick up the LIFX Candle of your own you can find that here.

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I’ve never made it a secret that I’m a big fan of the LIFX product line and LIFX’s newest addition does not disappoint. The LIFX Candle is the first LED light in an E12/E14 form-factor that I’ve seen which is able to display up to 26 different colours at once.

Yup – 26 colours at the same time from a Candle bulb.

LIFX has pioneered the polychrome technology in various of there other products including
– LIFX Z Strip
– LIFX Tiles
– LIFX Beam
but the Candle is the first version of this technology in a smaller bulb form factor.

At $44usd it’s definitely not the least expensive E12/E14 bulb on the market but the ability to shine multiple different colours combined with the dynamic scenes and scheduling in the LIFX application definitely makes it worth the price, at least in my view.