Nanoleaf Preparing For Release of Hexagon Light Panels [U]

Update: As expected, Nanoleaf has now pushed an email to its customers, detailing the date and prices for the forthcoming Hexagonal light panels. Pre-orders are available now via the company’s website, with Shipping of the product by Jun 30th. Discounts are available, starting from 10% for the different bundles on offer;

  • HEXAGON STARTER KIT | 9 PANELS – US$179.99 (US$19.99 per panel)
  • HEXAGON BUNDLE I | 15 PANELS – US$271.99 (US$18.13 per panel)
  • HEXAGON BUNDLE II | 21 PANELS – US$351.96 (US$16.76 per panel)

What’s also interesting to note, is that the email also alludes to more light panel shapes coming later on, as part of their ‘Connect +‘;

Hexagons are designed with Connect+ technology to work with different future shapes within this line, offering limitless lighting, design and IoT possibilities for your smart home decor.

The Connect + logo gives a hint at what’s to come, with shapes for the original triangular Nanoleaf panels, the soon to be released Hexagonal panels, and possibly smaller interconnecting light panels. How this concept will work with the company’s current ‘Canvas’ panels, is another question, however…

Canadian light panel specialists Nanoleaf look set to be preparing for the release of their latest modular lighting solution, ‘Nanoleaf Shapes – Heaxgons’, which made their official debut at this year’s CES. Although the company haven’t announced the exact date when these will be available, the Nanoleaf website has been open for customers to sign up for when they start selling them.

These new shaped light tiles, which follow on from the company’s previous offerings, which were triangular (Light Panels) and square (Canvas), are six-sided – or hexagonal – and offer many of the same functions as the two aforementioned products. Whilst the new panels have six sharp, flat edges, the company go on to point out that “By slightly rounding the corners of the Hexagons, they offer geometry without rigidity, so they can fit into your space naturally, without clashing with your existing decor”.

Like the Nanoleaf Canvas, these new panels are touch-sensitive, can be controlled with audio, via their ‘music visualiser’ technology, along with LayoutDetect, the company’s exclusive technology that enables smooth colour transitions in real-time. They also come with 16 million colours, as standard, of course.

Like all Nanoleaf products, these will be compatible with Apple HomeKit out of the box, as well as working with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, IFTTT and even Razer, for those that want to use them in combination with their computer displays (gaming for example).

So, if you want to be one of the first to get these new lighting panels, head over to their website and enter for notifications when they prepare to ship, as pre-orders for this product is closing soon.

Thanks to mszfcz for the tip off

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