Another new Aqara Door Lock is Released – With Built-in Camera

There seems to be little to stop Aqara right now, with the surprise unveiling of the Aqara G2H camera and the P3 AC controller plug surfacing on today. We’ve now discovered yet another Aqara product, namely the P100 door lock, that follows on from the recently released N100 door lock, and the even more recently released N200 door lock, all of which are HomeKit compatible. What makes this door lock stand out from the other two, however, is the built-in camera!

The P100 has many of the same features of the N100 and N200, all of which are designed to work with doors that use mortice style locks. Opening the door via Siri voice command is possible, as well as using the tried and tested keys that are provided with the locks.

In addition to these methods, the lock has a fingerprint reader built into the handle, as well as the option to use either the keypad, or either of the two provided NFC keyfobs to open the door.

The lock uses a rechargeable Li-ion battery, which comes with a USB-C cable for recharging, although it seems you can also use 4 AA batteries instead, if you prefer. As regards the built-in camera, it’s not clear whether this is exposed to HomeKit, or whether the camera is exposed as a video doorbell or a regular camera. As soon as we know more, we’ll update the article.

Eric Yao

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4 thoughts on “Another new Aqara Door Lock is Released – With Built-in Camera

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  • I think the Li-ion battery is for the camera and the 4x AA is for the lock. If you use just the AA battery, it will not have enough juice to power the camera or might drain the AA battery very quickly.

    • Built-in AA battery can support up to 9 months. (10 times per day lock and unlock) Li-ion can provide 3.5 months video recording. (5s video clip for 10 times per day) according to official specs.

  • Help me pairing p100 and m1s please. I got it from supplier on aliexpress. And now after installing on the door. I cannot pair. Not found any on aqara/mi app. What should i do?

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