Netatmo Releasing Updated Outdoor Cam with Built-in Siren

Netatmo today announced that they have an update to their existing Outdoor Camera (previously known as the Netatmo Presence) that now adds a built-in siren, to further deter potential intruders onto your property. This added to the fact that the camera already comes complete with a very large and bright floodlight, but every bit helps right?

As with the current model, the new update will also be compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and as with their indoor camera, comes with 1080p recording quality, a slot for a micro SD card for local storage, infrared night vision, and 8x digital zoom.

Just like the original version, you can also use cloud storage for your video using an FTP client or even Dropbox, which could hint that this camera won’t be getting HomeKit Secure Video down the line. Neither models have facial recognition but can tell the difference between humans, pets and vehicles. The built-in siren on the new model is capable of reaching 105dB.

In terms of specs, the camera comes with a 4MP video sensor, 100º FoV, and 1920 x 1080 resolution. The LED floodlight is dimmable and uses 12W of power. The camera requires a power supply of between 100-240V depending on your region. The camera uses 2.4GHz wifi, for the best reach and it comes with a Class 10 32GB micro SD card.

The camera is reported to be available for pre-order, although, at the time of writing when clicking on the pre-order button, it takes you to an unrelated page.

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