Vocolinc’s HomeKit Enabled Air Purifier Now Available on Amazon

One of the more anticipated HomeKit compatible products in the last 6-9 months has to have been Vocolinc’s PureFlow Smart Air Purifier, that was first unveiled by the company late last year. The PureFlow has started to appear for pre-order on a few independent online stores in Europe, as well as on Best Buy’s Canadian site, although curiously enough, not the US Best Buy as of typing. However, now have the PureFlow listed and available to buy, which is great news for many that use Amazon as Prime customers, who gain fast shipping as well as other benefits.

The PureFlow, if you’re not already aware, is the first Air Purifier that comes compatible with not only Apple HomeKit but also Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, just like virtually all of the company’s products. The PureFlow also boasts many interesting features, which apart from being able to clean your indoor air, has built-in PM2.5, humidity, and temperature sensors, all of which are exposed to HomeKit, as well as displayed on a large 5.1″ LED screen for quick visual access.

Underneath the LED display is a large colour band that changes colour depending on the quality of the air in your home, which shows as;

  • Green – Excellent
  • Lime Green – Good
  • Yellow – Fair
  • Orange – Inferior
  • Red – Poor

The PureFlow doesn’t skimp on its ability to clean as well as possible either, with dual, true 3-stage HEPA filters, that not only clean up regular pollutants, like PM2.5, mould, pet dander and general household dust, but also VOCs, like formaldehyde, with the use of an active carbon filter layer built into both replaceable filters.

The PureFlow is available for US$399.00, which includes a set of two filters. A replacement set of filters costs $US79.99, which for 3-stage HEPA filters, is about the going rate. Each set of filters is estimated to last around 9-12 months depending on usage. Not the cheapest prices around, but with pollution getting worse even in areas previously considered to have ‘clean air’, it really does make you think about the price you’re willing to pay for your health, especially when it comes to the air we all breathe.

If you’re unsure as to whether this latest piece of HomeKit tech is right for you, you can check out our overview video above, as well as our in-depth written review below;

Vocolinc PureFlow Smart Air Purifier (review)

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