Onvis introduce CT2 Contact Sensor to Their Range

Shenzhen-based Onvis, who are due to launch their own HomeKit and HomeKit Secure Video compatible camera soon, have unveiled their latest device via their website, the CT2 smart Contact Sensor. This new contact sensor, which can be used in the usual places, like doors, windows etc uses Bluetooth 5.0 for communication and is powered by a single CR2450 coin battery.

Similar to the Eve Door & Window contact sensor, the CT2 comes with a ‘gasket’ that allows the sensor and accompanying magnet to line up, even if the door and frame don’t match up. Onvis have said you can expect around 12 months of life from the battery under typical usage.

Although this latest addition to the range is listed on their website, it’s not currently available to buy and there’s no information on pricing at this point, although taking into account the pricing for their other devices, expect it to be quite competitive. This sensor comes at a time when Vocolinc themselves have just launched their first bluetooth-based sensor, the VS1, which we recently reviewed, so if you’re up for some contact sensors, you may want to wait to see the price of the Onvis offering before making your choice.

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