Xiaomi Release New NFC Smart Lock With HomeKit

If there’s one thing you can say about many of the Chinese smart home companies associated with Xioami, they are prolific in terms of their output, with a dizzying array of options for nearly every category of smart devices. To be fair, not many of them are HomeKit compatible, but that has changed from just 12 months ago, and besides Aqara and Yeelight, the Mijia brand is ‘going for it’ on the HomeKit front, with their second smart lock product in just four months, with their first – the Smart Lock E – being announced back in May.

Whilst the new model looks reasonably different, mostly due to the large pull-handles on both sides, they both offer much the same functionality, using Bluetooth for setup and connectivity, including locking/unlocking, HomeKit compatibility, a fingerprint reader built into the pull handle, a hidden hole for regular keys, a keypad, and a built-in doorbell. It also features both a child lock and a built-in alarm. Aside from these similarities, the new model does come with NFC functionality, whilst the Smart Lock E does not. This may not make much of a difference if you’re totally in the Apple camp, with things like an iPhone or Apple Watch, but if you or your family also use any of the following products, you can also take advantage of the NFC functionality by simply placing your phone or Mi Band near to the lock itself;

  • Mi Mix 2S.
  • Mi 10/10 Pro/ 10 Youth Edition
  • Mi CC9
  • Mi 9
  • Mi 6
  • Redmi K30/K30 Pro
  • Mi Band 3/4/5 (NFC versions)
  • Mi Watch

the launch price in China RMB1699, going up to RMB1799 shortly thereafter. Obviously, these kinds of locks are not going to work with most US doors, although you may find them more compatible with doors that use Eurocylinder type locks, but these are generally made for the Mainland China market, so if this is something that interests you, expect to see it eventually crop up on the usual Chinese reseller sites soon.

Thanks to Guillaume Mamosa @ Xiaomi Domotique, La Communauté Francophone for the find.

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